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Industry Experience

Change the College Education has several decades experience working with university admissions offices under stringent professional standards. In Australia, for instance, the ESOS Act makes universities liable for the actions of their agents, and throughout our history working under these standards, we’ve placed more than 300,000 foreign private and sponsored students into an Australian higher education system. Now we are bringing that experience and expertise to Canada, offering tailored marketing and promotional support, cost-effective recruitment, market intelligence, and regular reporting.

Student-Focused Mindset

We know that education is not an end in itself. International students choose education as a means to fulfill other career, family and life goals, and Change the College Education is committed to partnering with students to help them make the right educational choices to reach those goals.
That is why everything we do stays student-focused. If we create the right match, our students are more likely to retain through to graduation, which provides you with full tuition and a strong global alumni network.

Geographical Reach, Local Knowledge and Understanding

Change the College Network of more than 500 counsellors throughout more than 30 countries are well-respected members of their respective communities. They are bilingual not only in language, but in culture, bridging the language and customs of universities and the local language and customs of families and their students. They do more than simply start the students on their journeys; they offer a key link with the families back home.

Sophisticated Counselling Services

Experienced counsellors with thorough training work with families to direct students to the right school – one that best meets their needs and dreams. Our sophisticated counselling processes assess academic ability, language competency and capacity to pay, along with less objective criteria such as geographical preference, personality and intended use of the degree, and match the findings with an in-depth profile of the university. Just as how the student’s ability to pay is assessed by schools, the university’s willingness to pay Change the College is viewed as a reassuring factor in their search – they take comfort in knowing the schools with which they are paired are searching for students exactly like them.

Professional Practice

Change the College has a corporate policy of honesty and transparency in dealing with institutional partners and the students who entrust their future to us. Change the College Education’s 45+ year reputation is based on friendly, courteous advice and service, and the provision of efficient and timely application processing in accordance with strict government compliance guidelines.

Market Development Capabilities

Change the College is deeply integrated with the local education community in each of its countries. The company’s country directors are well-respected members of their countries and often have direct access to influencers in high schools and universities as well as local and national governments. Overseas education is coveted in our specific markets, and Change the College local leadership has the distinct power to create opportunities for the company’s university partners. Through expos, workshops, seminars, and in-country marketing and publicity, Change the College can create new demand for degree programs, helping institutions find specific types of students.

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